5 things I learnt travelling Europe with my partner

Anybody who tells you that travelling with your partner is nothing but smiles and great times is lying – kind of.

My partner and I have been on two overseas trips together, and my word you learn some things along the way.

  1. One of you is always right.
    ‘No it’s definitely that way”, “I’m pretty sure we take this train and we’ll make our way back to the hotel” –  This is a reoccurring theme on a couples holiday, you both think you know exactly where you’re going when in reality you have absolutely no clue where you are and are just too scared *cough* PROUD* cough to ask a foreigner for directions.
  2. Paris is the city of arguments, not the city of romance
    When you think Paris you think beautiful nights by the Eiffel Tower, feeding each other strawberries and champagne – this was not the case. I may or may not have made us miss the final train back to London because I wanted to spend a little bit more time at Disneyland ( a girl has to live out her childhood fantasy, am I right? Apparently not; tears were shed and voices were raised in the middle of the Gard Du Nord because we were supposed to check into our accommodation in London and would now have to spend money we didn’t exactly have on a new hotel in Paris – luckily we can now look back on it and think was it really such a big deal having to spend an extra night in Paris? I don’t think so.
  3. He is incredibly patient and I’m incredibly highly strung.
    We only had two short weeks in Europe and I wanted to make the most of it. This meant scheduling everything down to the last millisecond to utilise our time wisely and I would have some fully-fledged meltdowns if it didn’t go according to plan. He would calm me down and remind me that we are lucky enough to be on this trip and that it’s not the end of the world if we didn’t see some monument that had been there for thousands of years because it’ll be there for thousands more and ‘we’ll be back one day’.
  4. How important it is to take a little time for yourself
    This one was hard for me, I hate being on my own especially in a foreign country. But to make sure you we didn’t come back hating one another, we were sure to take an hour or so a day to chill on our own, whether it was laying in bed at our hotel or heading off to explore a little on your own.
  5. You see them in a totally different light
    I think it was halfway through our trip and we were in Berlin when I realised, holy shit I really love this boy for wanting to see the world with me, for wanting to explore places so beautiful not a picture would do it justice, and to want to do it together.

Most importantly, regardless of the copious amounts of arguments that were had over directions, we both learnt that we could travel the world together and not want to rip each others heads off by the time we came home – to the point where we were already planning our next trip on the flight home!

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